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OdySea in the Desert is a 35-acre, multimillion-dollar entertainment destination that is reminiscent of popular tourist boardwalks throughout the country with approximately 20 restaurants, retail and amusement establishments that encircle a one-acre bustling courtyard with multiple water features and a lively center stage with complimentary entertainment that can be enjoyed by the general public. It also features three major attractions:

OdySea Aquarium, the newest aquarium in the country, features 50 exhibits, over 30,000 animals, and 500 species, with highly engaging presentations of aquatic life like no other in the industry, including the SeaTREK® underwater ocean walking and a one-of-a-kind voyage through the “Living Sea Carousel.”

Butterfly Wonderland, the largest indoor butterfly pavilion in America, entertains and enchants as it educates visitors of all ages on the wonders of one of Mother Nature’s most beloved creatures. It also includes educational laboratories, interactive exhibits, and a 3D movie theater.

Dolphinaris Arizona allows visitors to interact with dolphins, learn about this amazing species, and support ocean conservation efforts. A swim with the dolphin experience, Dolphinaris hopes to amaze, educate, and empower guests, encouraging them to become stewards of the oceans and its inhabitants.

The Restaurants at OdySea represent many different international cuisines – Classic American, Mexican, Greek, Asian and Italian—all offering a family-friendly environment and moderate pricing: Humble Pie, El Encanto, Modern Grove VIEWS, Opa Life Creek Café, Johnny Rockets, and Docktails Beach Café.

A variety of sweets & treats include The Kakery, Nekter Juice Bar, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, It’s Sugar, and Frozen Penguin Ice Cream.

Other interactive experiences found at OdySea in the Desert include Polar Play, the OdySea Mirror Maze, the Aqua Massage & Oxygen Bar, and the vibrant Carousel Arcade.

A variety of shops, that showcase the local flavor of the region, include Arizona Territory Trading Post, and the Four Peaks Mining Co.

WEBSITE: https://odyseainthedesert.com


OdySea Aquarium

OdySea Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Southwest, spanning 200,000 square feet. The two-level, state-of-the-art facility holds more than 2 million gallons of water and accommodates up to 10,000 visitors daily. With over 50 exhibits and 500 different species, there are more than 30,000 animals that call OdySea home.

OdySea Aquarium offers an entertaining, interactive, and educational experience for guests of all ages by combining theme-park-style amusement with highly engaging presentations of aquatic life like no other in the industry. The facility includes a theater, SeaTREK™ underwater ocean walking, and a one-of-a-kind voyage through the “Living Sea.”

Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale is a one-of-a-kind experience, and one of the best activities for families and visitors of all ages. It is the largest indoor butterfly pavilion in America, and should certainly top your list of “Things to do in Arizona” whether you’re a tourist or a local. This amazing state-of-the art facility includes a magnificent glass atrium that provides the ideal tropical rainforest habitat where thousands of butterflies from around the world fly freely; a state-of-the-art theater for viewing the impressive and educational “Flight of the Butterflies” 3D movie; interactive nature exhibits for children, “Rivers of the Amazon,” a gift shop and a café.

Dolphinaris is one of the world’s leading providers of dolphin experiences, with dolphin habitats in Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Barcelo, and now Arizona. Unique in design with an emphasis on providing animals variable enrichment and habitat, the Arizona facility is the company’s first in the United States.

Company-wide, Dolphinaris exceeds federal and international standards of animal care and habitat, as indicated by its membership in the European Association for Aquatic Mammals and the Mexican Association of Habitats for Interaction and Protection of Marine Mammals. Like all licensed US zoos and aquariums, Dolphinaris Arizona is subject to regular unannounced inspections by the USDA.

The pools hold approximately 1 million gallons of purified seawater that is monitored around the clock. The Dolphins care and habitat is maintained by a team of skilled behaviorists and water quality experts, and lead by a full-time marine mammal veterinarian.

Dolphinaris also operates a foundation, which works in partnership with several universities, providing an opportunity for students to study dolphin biology, physiology, behavior, medicine and conservation issues for marine life. The company also sponsors a conservation study that monitors the ecosystem of dolphin habitats in the wild and how changes in the environment affect the dolphins and other wildlife.

A portion of sales at Dolphinaris is donated to support ocean and marine life conservation.

Dolphinaris Arizona strives to provide fun and educational experiences for all ages, from families to school groups, from young singles, and to senior citizens.




No smooth sailing here! Brand new Bumper Boats are now docked at OdySea in the Desert. Be your own captain as you splish-splash your way around OdySea in the Desert’s newest ride! 




Monkeys screech and anacondas hiss as you make your way across the chasm on a rickety bridge. Whatever you do—don’t look down! Go on the hunt for the elusive butterfly as you explore the sights and sounds of a deep, dark Central American rainforest. Get lost as you try to find your way through a maze of jungle, mirrors, false passages and an ancient Mayan Temple.

Can you find the true path through the mirror maze, discover the elusive butterfly and escape the perils of the forest to seek your next adventure? Or will you wander lost, never to be found again?


Sharpen your ninja skills as you twist, duck and crawl your way through an intricate web of lasers. Try to make it through the vault and hit your mission buttons without being zapped by the laser beams.  Sound a little easy? Well, you have to be flexible and quick through these laser beams to make it through to the other side. Trip too many lasers and you’ll have to start all over again.”  Be fast, stop the timer and outrank your friends. Try the challenge again and again to beat the clock and your best score.




Enter our frozen world and experience a journey to the North and South Poles.  Our experience begins in the lodge when you walk in the front door and see beautiful wood decor and limited seating, to make room for the experience.  Visit our staff to pick up your coat, get the Polar Play app and get tundra dressed for your journey to the Polar Zone.


Next, you’ll enter through the portal to our icy world.  Once inside, there’s plenty to explore:


Make sure you look around to see all that’s around you. There’s plenty to see and do inside with the assistance of the Polar Play app.


From the lights to the music, the ambiance is ready to give you a frozen experience like no other.


Games like cornhole,  shuffleboard and checkers will you keep your body moving to battle the arctic temperatures.


Take a few selfies in our photo zones and don’t forget to boomerang those bad boys.


Grab a drink at our ice bar – where everything is frozen, especially the patron!


Once you’re done exploring our Polar Zone, your journey doesn’t end.  Exit the ice room, and enter the Lodge. With a warm fire, delicious food, and a great variety of drinks, it’s the perfect place to warm up from the frozen environment, get your drink on, look through your pictures, and share the amazing experience with family and friends, via social media.



Oxygen Bar

Sit back, relax, and breathe! Release stress and increase your alertness with aroma therapy infused oxygen.


– Boost energy

– Improve endurance

– Enhance performance

– Increase speed

– Reduce stress

– Quicker recovery from fatigue


Aqua Massage

Stay dry, fully clothed, and relax!


Aquamassage beds provide a dry, hands-off massage that can help increase blood circulation and oxygen absorption, an increase in range of motion, a decrease in inflammation and muscle tension, and an increase in endorphins.


& More

Our list of products includes a wide variety of massage and wellness related products!


– Echo Massager (TENS unit)

– Echo Massager accessories (belt, shoes, kit)

– Felicity Head Massager

– Happy Hands

– Willow Wonder Spray

– Aromatherapy Herbal Pillows


E A T   —  DINING  — RESTAURANTS                





Docktails Beach Café is open to the public and serves Dolphinaris patrons with a, “Corona in Sand” feel. Southwest inspired menu and the coldest beer, while offering an oasis in a hurried, modern world – take a seat and enjoy! Also available to Cater any upscale event. At Docktails, it’s a “Little Loco and a Lot of Fun!”


The Mexican Cuisine at El Encanto is authentic and handmade from the freshest ingredients and is considered by many to be the best Mexican food in the Valley. Famous for delicious Margaritas, the cantina carries more than 30 different tequilas, imported cervezas, and a distinctive wine selection.


The original El Encanto is a romantic Old-World Mission-style restaurant cradled in the heart of Cave Creek.  It has a picturesque pond setting, allowing diners to sit along the water, under a covered patio, and observe and mingle with the playful wildlife, including ducks, turtles, owls, and an amazing blue heron.


The menu is authentic handmade Mexican Cuisine, with specialties from regions all over Mexico, including daily fresh fish specials. All of the Mexican Cuisine at El Encanto is authentic and handmade, from the freshest ingredients, and is considered by many to be the best Mexican food in the Valley. 


Create your own amazing Custom Ice Cream Sandwich. Start with homemade cookies and brownies made from scratch daily using family recipes. Pack them with delicious creamy ice cream and then roll it in the tastiest toppings imaginable.
Humble Pie is the quintessential neighborhood place to dine. Featuring a medley of starters, salads, grilled veggies, pastas, sandwiches, hamburgers, and pizzas with fresh ingredients and a crust to crave. Every attempt is made to keep it local and keep it fresh.
Johnny Rockets offers high quality, innovative menu items including fresh, never frozen 100% beef cooked-to-order hamburgers, Veggie Boca® burger, chicken sandwiches, crispy fries and rich, delicious hand-spun shakes and malts. This dynamic restaurant offers friendly service and upbeat music, creating a relaxed, casual, and fun atmosphere for all.  
Offering masterful culinary confections and delicious bakery items including souvenir cookies, pastries, and barista coffee all in a beautiful vintage/industrial setting. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced. The Kakery can even create wedding cakes (that they’re famous for) and other items for special events at OdySea.
Nekter is known for a healthy way of living, making juices, smoothies and acai bowls with fresh fruits and vegetables. Natural, freshly-made juices, smoothies, acai bowls, or cold pressed juices provides a steady stream of energy (no crash and burn), and feeds the body with live nutrients and enzymes, versus unhealthy, refined sugars and fats.
Fresh and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. An age has passed since Zeus gave these great recipes to his children, and OPA Life Greek Cafe is here today to share the unique results. A wellspring of the Mediterranean culture’s cuisine, including smooth and pure olive oil, fragrant herbs, the freshest ingredients, and hearty servings come together in every meal.
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is famous for an amazing selection of old fashioned caramel apples as well as a selection of truffles, bears, bark, dipped marshmallows and dipped strawberries and many, many more options.
Views sets the standard for modern and fresh farm to table comfort food served with warmth, generosity and a smile. Enjoy the 360 degree views from either the rooftop patio or dining area, a perfect gathering spot for a family dinner, private function or corporate event.



OdySea In The Desert

9500 Via De Ventura

ScottsdaleAZ 85256




Parking is complimentary at OdySea in the Desert. Parking is limited so please allow extra time to park your vehicle and walk to the Aquarium. Valet parking may be available depending on season or event taking place at OdySea in the Desert or OdySea Aquarium.

Please call 480.291.8000 to see if valet parking is currently available.

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