5th Avenue Shopping District

Address: 5th Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (SHOW MAP)

5th Avenue District where shopping, dining, entertainment flow from the energy originating from the “Horse Fountain”. Scottsdale’s original Art & Crafts Center

5th Avenue is the original Arts & Crafts area in Scottsdale.  5th Avenue is the home to the famous Bob Parks horse fountain. One of the most photographed sculptures in Scottsdale.
Christmas all year around.

Parking in the 5th Avenue Shopping District is not like parking in the big city. It is easy and convenient and FREE. There is parking along the 5thAvenue and in two parking garages next to 5th Avenue and several close by. Please visit the 5th Avenue parking areas on our website for more detailed information.

You will find PARKING in the 5th Avenue Shopping District easy and available. We invite you to enjoy your stay, tell your friends about your positive experience on 5th Avenue, and be sure to come back very soon.

Click Here to View “5th Avenue Shops”

As of March 2018 more shops are being added daily!

  • Hours of Operations: 24/7

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