ARIZONA FINE ART EXPO – January thru March

The Fine Art Expo has been a pinnacle of creativity for the last 10 years. The Expo is home to 115 artists and located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. Every year, patrons anticipate the arrival of these award winning EXPO artists. Patrons and visitors are given the unique one-to-one opportunity to experience the creative process as it happens. A collaboration of creativity from nationally renowned and emerging artists in 115 artists’ studios.

The EXPO unites an impressive gathering of 100 nationally acclaimed and award-winning artists that passionately produce art in studios and cabanas. Artists can be seen painting in all mediums, sketching in pen & ink, pastels and pencil, assembling mosaics, sculpting clay, carving wood, composing mixed media on canvas, welding, designing and sculpting jewelry. Outside, artists can be found working in outdoor cabanas carving alabaster, etching stone, welding metal, steel and copper, patina finishing, wood carving and more!

ARIZONA FINE ART EXPO  |  JANUARY 10 – MARCH 22, 2020  |  ADMISSION:  $8 – $10  | CONTACT:  (480) 837-7163  |

The Café de Expo offers scrumptious breakfasts, snacks and lunch in the afternoon. Enjoy eating indoors, surrounded by working artists, or sit outdoors under the festive umbrellas and listen to the whispering sounds of water fountains in the Sculpture Garden for added pleasure.

The EXPO Artists’ Marketplace is not just another boutique or gift shop with imported goods from other countries, but an amazing marketplace filled with participating artist’s fine arts and unique crafts. Here the artists sell their original small paintings and prints, sculptures, unique handmade gifts, fine pottery, jewelry, specialized note cards, romantic keepsakes, souvenirs and much more.

Attendees enjoy the ambiance of quiet, leisurely strolls on paths that flow in and about the spectacular two-acre Sculpture Garden. See stunning medium, life-sized and monumental sculptures in bronze, stone, clay, metal, copper and mixed media. Listen to the delightful sounds of whispering waters flowing from unique water fountains along the paths.

Step inside the big white tents to experience artists’ passionately bringing their work to life. Experience art from across the nation and across the world, under 44,000 square feet of giant white tent! See art as it should be experienced, with the artists in their studios.

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