Marc Malek M.D. Plastic Surgery

Marc Malek M.D. is an experienced surgeon in the field. His treatments have helped a number of patients enjoy improved bodies. Based in the Scottsdale area, he continues to be dedicated to the goal of helping patients achieve greater than anticipated results and recover their youthful radiance ...

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Massage by Chastity

My name is Chastity and first, off let me say I am the creator of my universe as are you! With my many talents and wide range of skill and open heart and open mind mentality, I can design a session that is right for just about anyone! I am a licensed massage therapist with over 3000 hours of ...

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Meridian CondoResorts

We are Meridian CondoResorts Since 1995, Meridian CondoResorts of Scottsdale, Arizona, has transformed the art of the custom golf vacation down to a science. Start with the ultimate in vacation rentals: luxurious, oversized condos combined with resort amenities and services ...

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Mobile Trainers

Personal Training in Scottsdale

Mobile Trainers is shaking up the outdated model of personal training. In a world that values convenience, on-demand service, and a sanitary workout environment, we are bringing the industry’s top personal trainers out of the gym and delivering them directly to your home ...

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