Green Zebra Adventures

Phone: (480) 214-4435
Address: 14821 N. Hiawatha Hood Road, Fort McDowell, AZ 85264 (SHOW MAP)

Green Zebra Adventures offers one of the most exciting things to do in Scottsdale, Arizona. We provide exhilarating off-road tours featuring the cutting edge Tomcar, which is more than just your run-of-the-mill ATV. Green Zebra Adventures allows you to drive your own specially-designed, military grade, off-road vehicle with an experienced local guide leading the way.  At each of the scenic stops, you will enjoy interesting commentary on area culture, geography, and history. This is an activity that anyone can enjoy.  Our Tomcar tours are the best way to experience Scottsdale in a truly unique way!

You Drive TomcarYes, YOU drive! Sit back, strap yourself into your safety harness, hit the accelerator, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Our tour utilizes an exclusive, private off-road trail that’s full of natural outdoor beauty very few will ever enjoy. Best of all, you are in the most advanced off-road vehicle in its class.

Whether it is carrying heavy artillery or an extra heavy picnic basket, the Tomcar has been designed with the highest level of performance and safety engineering. The Green Zebra(ized) Tomcar is outfitted for adventure tourism in our custom color scheme. First engineered in 1991, the Tomcar is the culmination of military and industrial off-road development. This vehicle is the gold standard for special operations forces and industrial applications around the world.

The engineers revolutionized this vehicle, incorporating all conventional technologies of the physics of driving and off-road adventures into an easy to operate, lightweight automotive framework. With advanced safety features and high ground clearance, the vehicles feature a forgiving design and low center of gravity, making each Green Zebra Tomcar built with direct goals of safety and reliability.


  • Bucket seats with racing style 4-point harness
  • Automotive safety glass windshield
  • Armor-reinforced front end drive system
  • Long suspension travel and low center of gravity
  • Four-wheel, fully independent suspension
  • Roll cage, the only completely welded unit in the off-road industry, utilizing a thickness of steel normally used in bigger, heavier vehicles
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Controls like a traditional automobile, unlike an ATV/UTV, enabling a rapid learning curve for the operator
  • And, of course, the exclusive Green Zebra stripes

The uniqueness of the Tomcar will be evident and its impeccable record of safety and ease of use cannot be duplicated by any other off-road vehicle on the market.

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