Las Tiendas

Phone: (480) 575-7155
Address: 6130 E Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331 (SHOW MAP)

The minute you enter Cave Creek you know you have been transported in time, you see every touch of the old west, from the Cowboys riding down the pathways to the array of incredible shops, restaurants and art centers, that evoke the feeling of the American Frontier, alive and well in Arizona!

Las Tiendas offers an eclectic mix of what brings you back to a sense of an old west community. You know that good ‘ole feeling that comes over you when you pull on that favorite comfy pair of boots… well that’s how it feels when you visit Las Tiendas in Cave Creek.   The minute you walk up, you’ll feel yourself relax!  It’s like coming home to friends – you just can’t wait to catch up.

Las Tiendas is situated in the heart of the Town.  It brings a touch of the old west with it’s authentic desert setting, to the feeling of community, and above all the new west artists who have captured the spirit of Arizona with all their talents.  The shops all offer one-of-a-kind experiences from the Award Winning Barbecue of Chef Bryan Dooley, to the original art offered in every shop. Each shop owner is there to greet you with his or her stories of the West.

You never know whom you might meet, such as cowboys with their spurs giving out their familiar clatter as they walk the pathway, heading in for their midday meal straight from the ranch, to the friends who just come by to say hello, sit and have a cup of coffee and talk about what’s new in town, while they share a tasty sweet from It’s A Divine Bake Shop.

Take a stroll through the meandering walkway; Peggy Fredrickson can get you caught up on the history of the Southwest at Western Delights, representing many fine artists of local origin.  Your next stop may be Saddle Up Gallery, where Marless Fellows shares her vision of the American West in her paintings. Marless was raised in Arizona and has been a Cowgirl her whole life, dating back to the time of her Grandfather who was in the Cavalry. Keep on strolling, and you will find Jeweler Lisa Baker.  Lisa’s is part Chocktaw Native American. Her Grandmother’s heritage has been an inspiring influence since the time Lisa was a small girl.  It has been intertwined into Lisa, giving her a love of Turquoise and gems, telling a story in her jewelry making talents.
No shopping experience would be complete without that craving for something sweet.  Coming soon to Las Tiendas is baker Susan Fiebig.  Although Susan is a Cowgirl through and through, with her many horses and ranch animals, Susan trained in Germany and owned cafés over in Europe, before returning home to her ranch in Cave Creek.  Now she brings her baking talents to us, and we look forward to sharing them with you, our friends of Las Tiendas.

The shops at Las Tiendas include:

Bryan’s Black Mountain Barbecue, home of award winning Chef Bryan Dooley.  Dooley is known for his famous passion for barbecue with a brand all his own new west style. From the moment you come through the door the smells from the smoker beckon you in to the best barbecue in Arizona.   Your mouth will start to water at the thought of a slab Pork Ribs, Beef Brisket, Barbecue Chicken, Pulled Pork and even Vegetarian ‘Pulled Squash’.  Be sure to ask for the side of a Fried Egg on the Squash, you will want the whole experience!

Try the sides too, like Romaine Ribs and Vinaigrette.  Everything has Dooley’s take from Bryan’s own Baked Potato Salad, Olive Coleslaw and ‘Six-Pack’ Cowboy Beans (a six-pack of beer in every batch) to his homemade Ice Cream Sandwich or Sarsaparilla Float.

Western Delights stop on in and see Peggy Fredrickson who has brought in unique gifts of local origin.  You’ll find everything from works of art to jewelry, home décor pottery to your favorite gift cards. Peggy is happy to deliver pottery and art to your home!

Saddle Up Gallery, Owner Marless Fellows showcases her western art that transports you back in time with her vibrant colors, deep soul exuberance and lifts you into the life of the cowboy through art.  The gallery is also home to many other artists such as Alex Alvis, Bronze Sculptor; John Fritz, Photography; Rick Fitch, potter; Jacque Cohan, oils; Kathy Howard, Bronze Sculptor; and Kara Fellows Trip, Oils; Sherri Towne, Artistic

Feathered Skulls; Casey Jordan, Custom Leather Saddles; Darcy Presiloski, Oils.

Etania Jewelry & Boutique Is our latest addition of artists, with jewelry designer Lisa Baker.  Etania specializes in fine Sterling Silver designer gemstone jewelry. Each piece is created from the highest quality natural stones and precious metals. Because each gemstone is a unique gift from nature, no two pieces are exactly alike. In addition to jewelry, Etania features fine quality handbags and accessories, most of which are crafted in

Red Artist’s Studio is situated just behind the shops in it’s very own “Red Studio”.  It’s there that you can see artists at work.  The three artists that share the studio include Sonoran Arts League Members; Laurie Bayanovsky. Oils; Ted Loomis, Acrylic and Encaustic painting and Mickey Jansen, Oils.

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