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Natural Restoration Centers of America is a company founded by Dr. Mitchell Kaye. It is dedicated to harnessing the natural power of one’s own body to restore and rejuvenate. Dr. Kaye earned his medical degree at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He has received highly specialized surgical training in the field of urology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. After serving in the military, Dr. Kaye has been offering state of the art care and treatment over the past two decades in Arizona. Amongst his accomplishments he has offered many “Firsts” in the Phoenix area, including several robotic surgical procedures, cryosurgery and BPH treatments. Dr. Kaye’s thirst to be at the forefront of medical treatments, having often seen inadequate options for patients, has lead him to expand into an area that specializes in assisting the body to use its natural ability to restore itself.

Harnessing The Natural Power of Your Body’s Ability to Restore & Rejuvenate

We thank you for considering Natural Restoration Centers of America. It is our mission to provide safe and effective therapies that are based upon your body’s own natural ability to restore and rejuvenate itself. Our approach to a healthy, happy body and life is meant to be a part of an overall wellness lifestyle program. Many of our treatments use powerful growth factors that possess the ability to recruit one’s own stem cells, cells that maintain the ability to become what ever your body needs them to be, to injured or damaged or aging tissues. We use only government regulated materials and equipment in our state of the art treatments.

Natural Restoration Centers of America strives to provide cutting edge solutions to common problems that we all face. We participate in research to better our patients and physician organizations that promote the safe and responsible use of technology advancements in medicine. Our offerings include new treatments for both men and women. We can help address erectile dysfunction and male pattern hair loss for men. We can improve vaginal dryness and painful intercourse for women. We offer several treatments to help improve both the quality of the vaginal tissues and help improve and restore sexual climax or orgasm. We can help women that have thinning hair or unsightly stretch marks. We are able to offer new and exiting relief to people that continue to suffer from chronic pelvic pain caused by a compromised pudendal nerve as well as alternative treatments for fibromyalgia. Additionally our center offers personalized lifestyle and nutritional counseling.

The staff of Natural Restoration Centers of America look forward to offering life changing solutions. Thank you for taking the important step and making the decision to restore, rejuvenate, and rejoice!

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