Russo and Steele presents its flagship event

Scottsdale, AZ is the premier auction location that provides all of the fundamental essentials which attract buyers and sellers from around the world. Russo and Steele’s Scottsdale auction is the primary destination for automobile enthusiasts to buy and/or sell the very best in European Sports, American Muscle, Hot Rods, and Customs. Following with tradition, we are continuing with our signature “Auction in the Round” format and will offer 5 days of Auction excitement and over 800+ classic cars. If you deal in vehicles at an auction, with the intent of selling, you may want to look into something like Road Risk Insurance. Companies like i4mt can offer you a road risk policy as a minimum to satisfy the legal requirements of motor trade. The Scottsdale auction event has a reputation for wild, action-filled, auction block excitement earning the honor of being “one of the major players in the Scottsdale scene. Rapidly upping their game to become a one-stop shopping venue for lovers of all manner of post-war vintage machinery, both domestic and imported” according to Hemmings Sports and Exotic Magazine.

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick’s beautifully manicured fields will provide a premium concours style experience that will showcase the high quality, incredibly diverse range of offerings that Russo and Steele has forged its reputation on. Additionally, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick’s highly centralized and easily accessible location, right off the Loop 101 and Indian Bend will put them directly at the epicentre of all the action during Arizona Car Week.



Russo and Steele was created to provide a highly targeted alternative to the world of collector car auctions. Specializing in European sports cars, American muscle cars, hot rods and customs, Russo and Steele was launched in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2001. Chief Executive Officer Drew Alcazar, along with his wife and partner Josephine had a very clear vision of what they wanted to deliver – a unique, highly personal and visceral experience in an intimate environment. The objective was an auction that focused on the specific needs of primarily the buyers and sellers of high-quality collector automobiles.

Embracing decades of experience in collector car restoration and harboring a true passion for quality cars, Drew and Josephine had a very specific design for the type of auction experience they wanted Russo and Steele to embody. Needing an environment as unique as his vision, Drew Alcazar developed an auction block that has never been created before or since, and the “Auction in the Round” concept was born. This incredible auction innovation puts buyers, sellers, and spectators right on the floor with the cars, providing an all-access, high energy experience with no cars on stages and no separation with a ground level auction ‘arena’ and elevated platform seating 360 degrees around the stage. This creates a virtual ‘boxing ring’ or ‘coliseum’ effect which funnels buyers to the epicenter of the action. The Auction in the Round format thus creates a very interactive auction block now known industry wide to generate not only high levels of excitement, but a sense of urgency and personal emotion resulting in extremely intense and spirited bidding – After all, that is what live auction events are all about!

The expertise of Russo and Steele also goes beyond the singular focus and objective of a collector car auction. The principals and staff of Russo and Steele are fellow enthusiasts as well, actively participating in Concours shows, road rallies, auctions, vintage racing and other collector car events each year.

The “for enthusiasts by enthusiasts” approach not only fuels camaraderie between clients, but also produces events that consistently create a long-term memorable experience for all attendees. Russo and Steele takes great pride in being the most knowledgeable and the most in tune Auction Company within the car collecting hobby. This results in the highest quality automobiles at every auction, with the strongest possible results.


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